Handmade Pasta
Learn, make, have fun, and savour the real taste of this authentic Italian specialties
  • Easy and fun.
  • Spans few days.
  • In beautiful Italy.

Taking about authentic Italian food, what do you first think about? Pizza? guess again... Pasta? YES!

In this cozy and homey workshop as if it is your best friend’s kitchen, you will learn how to make various shapes of fresh pasta from scratch. From basic noodles, Bow Ties, Fusilli, Garganelli, etc. to stuffed ones like Ravioli or Tortellini including the fillings (YUM!), and also some simple but amazing summer recipes and sauces to go along with them as well.

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Valentina Giorcelli
Chef / Cooking Teacher

Valentina always loves helping people in the kitchen since it gives her so much satisfaction to share knowledge. This passion together with broad vision had made her start to have an idea of opening her own cooking school. And after succeeding in the path of a professional chef, she persued her dream by founding “Foodies’ Place”. Foodies' Place is actually a meeting place for food lovers in a home kitchen, with coziness in the air where anyone would easily feel at ease.

Cosa farai in questa avventura.

Abbiamo organizzato questo corso con estrema cura, per permetterti di vivere momenti di pazzia artistica. Assieme a pochi altri affiatati partecipanti imparerai a fare cose nuove da cima a fondo, e trascorrerai un’esperienza memorabile in un’atmosfera rilassata e amichevole.

Ecco alcune anticipazioni di ciò che troverai nel corso:

What's included?

  • Craftventure basic kit for every Craftventurer (a bag contains an apron, a notebook, a pencil).
  • Drinks and snacks are always there whenever you need a break.
  • Lunch (homemade dishes from the fresh pasta you made).
  • A little gift certifying you as a Craftventurer when tasks are accomplished.
  • PDF file of recommended spots around Milan (Inspiring places about art&craft, including cool and local spots)

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Non trovi una data che ti si addica? Non devi preoccuparti! Stiamo costantemente organizzando nuovi lab.
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